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serverName: 211SERVER Shanghai Career | Stock + 2DLC | Address: - Port:6704
description: <h1>欢迎光临 211SERVER 上海</h1> <p>了解有关于 211SERVER 的更多信息请访问: <a href="" title="211SERVER"></a></p> <h2>服务器信息</h2> <p>211SERVER 上海全端口原版+双DLC运行,请注意模组兼容性。 游戏版本: 1.11.1 + 创造历史 + 破土重生 | DMP版本:</p> <p>服务器地址: 服务器端口: 沙盒: 6702 | 生涯: 6703 | 科研: 6704</p> <h2>规则</h2> <ul><li>禁止删除他人的载具! 一经上报,立刻封禁。您可以销毁自己的载具,以及任何明确允许您的人之载具。当然,如果它们阻止您发射或修理KSC建筑物,则可以从KSC跑道和发射台上回收载具。删除我们的BDA服务器中的导弹是被允许的。</li><li>任何在服务器内进行垃圾邮件行为都将被禁止!一经上报,立刻封禁。您可以发射数艘一样的载具(如通信卫星),但它们不可以在同一个地点出现。</li><li>禁止在服务器内的聊天室中发送违反不适宜公开交流,或被您的所在国家相关法律法规所禁止的言论及内容。一经上报,立刻封禁。让我们创造一个良好的游玩环境!</li></ul> =========================== <h1>Welcome to 211SERVER Shanghai</h1> <p>More info about 211SERVER (Chinese content): <a href="" title="211SERVER"></a></p> <h2>Server Info</h2> <p>211SERVER Shanghai all ports operating with stock game + 2DLC, please check your mod&#39;s compatibility. Game Version: 1.11.1 + Making History + Breaking Ground | DMP Version:</p> <p>Address: Port: Sandbox - 6702 | Career - 6703 | Science - 6704</p> <h2>Rules</h2> <ul><li>DO NOT delete others&#39; vehicles! Once reported, immediately banned. You can destroy your own vehicle and anyone who explicitly allows you. Of course, if they prevent you from launching or repairing KSC buildings, vehicles can be removed from the KSC runway and launch pad. It is allowed to delete the missiles in our BDA server.</li><li>Any spam in the server will be banned! You can launch several of the same ships (such as communication satellites), but they cannot appear in the same place.</li><li>It is forbidden to send speeches and content that are not suitable for public communication, or are prohibited by relevant laws and regulations of your country in the chat on the server. Once reported, immediately banned. Let us create a good playing environment!</li></ul>
gamePort: 6704
protocolVersion: 54
programVersion: v0.3.7.0
maxPlayers: 50
modControl: 2
modControlSha: 404c9ddd4fbf77f2d164cb0dcb539b0245174da21fec358bcd654533a628d34e
gameMode: 0
cheats: 0
warpMode: 4
universeSize: 655634
httpPort: 6804
admin: Fierce_Cat
team: 211SERVER
location: CN
fixedIP: 1
playersCount: 0

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