Detail for ID 6

serverName: NoNameShips Science 1.12.2 | Address : - Port : 6704 | Includes DLC's
description: <a href=""><img src="" height="127" width="684"></a> <h1 style="color:rgb(130,180,220);">Welcome to NoNameGamers KSP Science Server!</h1> Please do not delete other players work. Deleting other people's vessels is a prohibited offence! You will be banned if caught. All ban's are final and permanent. Only ships within close proximity to your own (2.3 - 2.7 km) load in your game, deleting vessels anywhere other then The Space Center will not reduce lag. You may destroy your own ships and vessels, and anyone who has given you express permission. The safety bubble has been set 10 x above normal to reduce lag at KSC. This means you must leave KSC (1 km from launch pad) before others can see your vessel. You can use part mods on this server, but then others won't see your vessel and it will be deleted after you leave the server. <a href="">Click here to view other player's screenshots.</a> <h2 style="color:rgb(255,220,0);">This server will automatically delete the following vessels every minute:</h2> - Vessels that have non-stock resources like <i>Food, IntakeAtm</i>, etc... - Vessels with the default name <i>Untitled Space Craft</i> - Vessels with name <i>1111111111</i> (10 or more 1's) - Vessels landed or splashed within 20 km from KSC. - Vessels that no one has controlled in 3 days. (Old vessels you can still <a href="">restore from backup</a>, that is kept for maybe 30 days.) - Flags have longer lifetime than other vessels. Flags are deleted if left untouched for 30 days. - All Space Objects (asteroids) if there's more than 30 of them. - Debris. <h2 style="color:rgb(255,220,150);">DarkMultiPlayer Server Settings (DMP Settings):</h2> - Address : <b></b> - Port : <b>6704</b> <h2 style="color:rgb(140,140,80);">We have a TeamSpeak 3 server available for voip:</h2> - IP : - Password : noname - Download Teamspeak Client @ : If you would like to donate, you can do it at or by paypal to (Maximum 5$). All donations go towards the cost of hosting the server in Chicago on a dedicated machine. The server is hosted on NFO's virtual machines. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at!
gamePort: 6704
protocolVersion: 54
programVersion: v0.3.8.0
maxPlayers: 20
modControl: 0
modControlSha: 61192025f0b25d6d7c701d3cc6830cf5a24095b520a6680692a68bd38ff411a1
gameMode: 1
cheats: 1
warpMode: 4
universeSize: 2664016
httpPort: 1552
admin: Sarcasma
team: NoNameGamers
location: CA
fixedIP: 0
playersCount: 0

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