Detail for ID 80

serverName: ### SunDevil No-Warp - v1.12+ RSS/RO/RP-1 CKAN - 24/7 - ###
description: [ IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any problem connecting, please email us: ] [ If you have "Handshake failure: Invalid key for user" error, please change your nickname (default is "Player") to something else ] Welcome to SunDevil servers! Our mission is to provide you with quality and long term servers for Kerbal Space Program with DarkMultiPlayer mod. Please send feedback and issues via email to (english/polish).
gamePort: 12305
protocolVersion: 54
programVersion: v0.3.8.3
maxPlayers: 100
modControl: 1
modControlSha: 09f2e020e570b9a77afd5dc135f2ea449ca487658c43c7041acf8dfcfab44b10
gameMode: 0
cheats: 0
warpMode: 5
universeSize: 13767460
httpPort: 0
admin: inosak
team: SunDevil
location: EU
fixedIP: 1
playersCount: 0

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